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Does Your Strategy Fit Your Culture? It Should.

November 7th, 2016 by Colin Pidd

In today’s episode, Colin and Mickey discuss culture change, a once “too soft” topic for business development that has become one of the greatest concerns for today’s senior executives. With the average life expectancy of a company quickly decreasing, leaders that encourage the re-imagination of cultural identity are far better prepared to outlast their competitors….

    Leaders, bosses, and bastards: we all know them, we’ve been them, and we’ve probably been all three at some point in each of our lives. What sets a leader apart from a boss or a bastard? Mickey and Colin dive into the distinguishing pair of features that lead in conjunction with one another:…

By now we have all heard about recent announcement that Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn. The looming question, however, is how successful will the merger be? Even the press release alludes to some confusion over how the two companies will successfully come together. Will they remain separate and distinct or come together to accelerate the growth…

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Treat your Work as Play – and Never Work a Day?

December 5th, 2013 by Xisca Mairata

If play and work are on opposite sides of the spectrum, how can we collapse the gap between them?