Shining a light … becoming visible in the modern workplace

One of the consequences that I see of inequality is that people don’t often feel heard or visible. They feel unable or unwilling to voice their ideas, thoughts or concerns. Over the years, I have seen women’s roles in business change, but I still see this invisibility in the workplace continue. I am, therefore, inspired to bring more voice to women through a series of conversations with them.

International Women’s Day feels like a great day to commit to furthering this idea, by sharing it with you. I am pledging myself over the coming months to interview and be in conversation with women. Women we can connect and relate to, women that should be seen and be heard. In these conversations, we will look to build community with each other. We will consider and explore how we might better develop community and learning through inter-generational relationships; connecting the circumstance of every generation of women with their desires and purposes. We will give a voice to our thoughts and ideas and feelings and consider how we can be a part of something. A community that helps each other create meaningful work that embeds a life that matters.

For example, I have been very curious about how women in predominantly male-dominated careers have been able to work within their systems to create change, whilst thriving in their roles. How have they worked within their organizations to be successful, even when the organization might have worked against them? How have they found the things that they love and remained focused on the good, while not growing cynical or weak around the things that are difficult?

According to the International Women’s Day website, throughout history, “women have collaborated and lead purposeful action to redress inequality in the hope of a better future for their communities, children and themselves.”

I envision this exploration and these conversations to be playful and light-hearted, even though in some cases the topics may be challenging and serious. In the spirit of this collaborative idea, I invite you to join me in connecting, and together we can learn from each other and create our community. Let’s listen to and read the stories of women at work where we can learn, engage in conversations that might answer those haunting questions as well as gather insights and tips about becoming visible in our businesses, leadership and selves.

This is our #BeSeenBeHeard community to bring to life. Let’s shine a light to #unlockthebrilliance … I look forward to you joining me in our exploration!

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