At Conversant we are passionate about sport – for us its not just about sport itself – exciting though it will always be to see our favourite team winning in the last minute – for us it’s also about the huge potential that sport has to influence society itself. Sport is after all a sub set of society itself – a major part of the community – and a place where a vast number of us participate and find pleasure, emotion and passion.

And its also a place where we devote our time – usually on a voluntary basis – to contributing to a team’s or individual sports person’s success. This can be about taking one’s child (and often other people’s children) to the game on a Saturday morning, playing or coaching, attending committee meetings or turning up on a Saturday to support the local team.

Sport is a place where the community meets and engages and experiences all that goes with participation – the passion, the frustration, the desire to make a difference and to be successful.

We’d love to see a shift in how people experience sport – how players, supporters, parents and viewers participate – we want to build greater community connectedness, more diversity and we want to help develop sporting organisations that are truly focused on high performance over the long term.

We see community connectedness and high performance as being about culture – truly inclusive sporting organisations that embrace and practice the fullest contribution from players and administrators to the grass roots, from the community level up. For us that is a key component of ongoing high performance and success.

It’s the route to “Better Sports” – Do you want to play us?”

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