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January 26th, 2013 by Mickey Connolly

I like quotations, and I have a quotation site I especially like full of nuggets I often find timely and relevant.  Earlier this week, one showed up right at the end of a two-day strategy meeting: “Set a goal SO BIG that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.” As…

The Gift of Feedback

September 24th, 2012 by David Goldsmith

A few nights ago my wife said to me, “I don’t know if you realize it, the way you talk lately has become ponderous and you are over explaining things.” While intellectually I knew that I have asked Marie to point these things out when she sees them, in the moment it felt harsh to…

The Agile Ascent: Leading in the Age of Agility

June 15th, 2012 by Mickey Connolly

Recently, I saw a prominent leader in descent. His iconic business, hugely profitable for years, was in rapid decline.  Voices of customers, employees and investors were not being heard. Returning to past glory seemed more important than discovering new pathways to profit; his board responded to that bit of nostalgia with an invitation to depart….