The power to appreciate the purposes, worries, and circumstances of others

Leadership without empathy is ill-informed at best and bullying at worst. Empathy is not “soft.” It is courageous, skillful, and wise to quickly comprehend the world of another and all influence depends on it. As you explore the concept of empathy, what questions does it raise or insights does it provoke about your leadership practice?

Practicing Empathy

All people long to be valued and understood. As a leader, it really is your job to care and create that connection with the people with whom you work. Connecting with people unlocks their contribution and paves the way for great work to be done in a vital and engaged community.


  • Embrace

    Students at Stanford’s d.school share more about the role empathy played in the design process for an extraordinary, elegant solution, “Embrace”, that has benefitted over 50,000 premature babies in the developing world.

  • A Quote on Empathy from Al Miksch

    A quote that you can use as your desktop background.

  • Presence-Empathy Deep Dive

    Where you get resistance, do research—use this tool to reflect and prepare for the next conversation—from a different point of view.