Empathy practice #3: A resistance audit

Recall your vitality imperative and create two lists:
  • Are there any people you disapprove of or criticize?
  • Are there any people who are resisting your priorities and ideas?

Who shows up on both lists? Those people are perfect opportunities for improving empathy. Now do the following:

    1. Regarding the vitality imperative, fill out a Presence-Empathy Deep Dive for yourself (a worksheet is available for download above.)
    2. Fill out a Presence-Empathy Deep Dive for anyone related to your vitality imperative who is on both of your lists.
    3. Then ask yourself:
      • How have I disappointed them?
      • How might they criticize me?
      • What priorities or ideas of theirs do I resist?
    4. For each person, consider the following: What did you learn? When will you talk to them next? What will change about how you interact?