Get moving!

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Movement restores the connection between mind, emotion, and body.

In his book Get Up!, Dr. James Levine says, “Sitting is the new smoking.” Levine maintains that sitting all day is unnatural and to blame for all kinds of ailments. “This is about hard-core productivity. You will make money if your workforce gets up and gets moving. Your kids will get better grades if they get up and get moving,” he says. “The science is not refuted.”

Dr. Levine describes how he personally found out that “Being healthy is living life to its fullest vitality”:



In this interview, Dr. Levine recounts his findings and practical ways for large workforces to incorporate more movement:

“Hardcore productivity—whether that’s the number of loads processed in one company, the financial services doubling in profit from another company—those numbers improved. The actual profits improved… The solution is simple, because actually the solution is to get people up. But the complexity—hence the book Get Up!—is: How do you actually build a working solution for a US corporation?

In order to do that… we developed 12 layers of deployment. A simple example: if you have a company, for example, much like my job that involves numerous meetings every single day, one of the recommendations for that company would be to have a system in place whereby walk-and-talk meetings become commonplace… If I can convert three of my meetings—and I may have eight in a day – into walk-and-talk meetings, that’s three hours of walking. Fantastic!”