Presence-Empathy Deep Dive

Community, Contribution, Empathy
Have you ever found yourself at an impasse with someone critical to the success of a key project or initiative?

The Presence-Empathy Deep Dive tool helps you clarify what is important to you and gives you insight into the purposes, worries, and circumstances of the person you must coordinate or collaborate with.

By using this tool, you become clearer about what is important to your counterpart, and learn to recognize what may evoke resistance or a sense of threat. Doing this can help you be much more effective, much more quickly, and we’ve found that a bit of advance preparation can save a lot of time and stress.


The Presence-Empathy Deep Dive: An example

Mickey Connolly, Chairman and Co-founder of Conversant, walks through a real-life example of the Presence-Empathy Deep Dive that helped him prepare to support a leader going through a major transition: