The Cycle of Value Effect

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All over the world, across industries and cultures, we have found that sustained success features a repeating cycle: Align, Act, Adjust.

We’ve seen how, when leaders fail to move through the cycle, that their businesses fail as well. We know that leaders who respect the rhythm find their ability to diagnose problems, predict impending results, and prescribe the right actions for the right time soars.

We’ve collected some practices, clips, examples, and other useful material here to help you begin experiencing the Cycle of Value Effect:


Cycle of Value basics

Review the basics of the Cycle of Value through this video:



Cycle of Value Diagnostic

Use the Cycle of Value Diagnostic to help guide timing conversations through three phases: (1) diagnose, (2) predict, and (3) prescribe. Download the tool now, or visit  Timing practice #1: Diagnose, predict, and prescribe for more information on how to use the diagnostic.


Adjust conversations

Adjust conversations review progress-to-date and accelerate success by revealing areas for improvement and actionable insights. Follow a seven-step protocol using Timing practice #2: An adjust protocol.