How do we develop leaders who are ready for the future?

You need leadership at every level of the organization – not just at the top. You require trust, engagement and results.

We use a Connected Leader approach – teaching leaders at all levels how to improve the value of their connections. Connected leadership is learnable and is an important choice between two very different methods of control: the personal brilliance of a few or the connected contribution of many.

Conversant partners with you to create connected leaders who

  • Deliver business results
  • Influence from where they are
  • Connect well with others
  • Communicate powerfully and effectively
  • Respond quickly to results

The Connected Leader is one who understands how to connect people to each other and reality in a way that reveals opportunity and inspires high performance. They tend to spearhead times of surprising achievement that leave people feeling proud and deeply satisfied. Download our Connected Leader Assessment tool to learn more.

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Our tools and methods help leaders embody seven important promises:

Credibility, Influence and Impact Program

In addition to our bespoke onsite leadership development and consulting services, we offer an immersive three week connected leadership program over the course of eight months. Learn more about Credibility, Influence and Impact or download our brochure for more information.

Credibility Influence and Impact Brochure 2018B

“My Conversant experience was life changing. I now approach my personal and professional life with a renewed sense of wonder. I have an approach as well as concrete tools to help uncover challenges, align people and teams and identify critical moments for adjustments in our work. I am able to connect more deeply with everyone, including my colleagues with whom I always used to struggle. The team meetings and conversations are more effective. . I have harnessed the ability to use more curiosity in my interactions. Now, I am a leader who rather than “tells” the team what the answer is, I am the leader who can “ask” the questions we need to move forward. And this results in higher performing individuals and teams.

I seek to learn from my colleagues as we strive to achieve our objectives. I lead by example, using Conversant tools to cause connections rather than disconnections. I bring a calmer more focused approach to my work and that allows our meetings to move more efficiently to better results. After 30 years as a professional and too many “trainings” and leadership work to remember -Conversant is the one experience that truly changed my approach and thus, my ability to impact our organization in a positive fashion. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to learn and improve your own performance and your team’s performance.”

– Laura Hubbard, CII Participant 2016

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