Purpose practice #3: Recovering purpose with glad-sad-mad

Sometimes people live through periods of disappointment that destroy their connection to purpose. Is anyone related to your vitality imperative alienated or otherwise disconnected from the work at hand? If so, you may want to host a glad-sad-mad debrief:
  1. Prepare three flip charts: one entitled “Glad”, another “Sad”, and another “Mad”.
  2. Have three different-colored 3″ x 5″ Post-it notepads, one for each chart.
  3. Define terms and give instructions:
    • Glad: Something you are happy about that is related to the topic of the debrief. Please write one to three “glad” notes on separate Post-its and place on the Glad chart.
    • Sad: Something you are unhappy about that, while you don’t like it, you are ready to put it behind you. Please write one to three “sad” notes and place on Sad chart.
    • Mad: Something you are unhappy about that is, for you, an occasion for action. Write one to three notes and place on the Mad chart.
  4. If the group is small enough (fifteen or fewer) have each person say what they put on the charts, why it is important to them, any lessons they think are worth learning, any actions they plan to take, and any requests they have of others.
  5. If the group is large, have people tour the charts. Then, in table groups, have each person follow the instructions in Step 4 above.
  6. Have each person write down their answer to this question: “Given all we just said, heard, and learned, what remains important to you about our challenge?”
  7. Post the answers, look for intersections, and renew a common purpose.