In these dynamic and stressful times, leaders need every edge they can get to grow themselves, their leadership and their organizations. And while Amazon has 217,139 resources under “leadership”, somehow leadership development remains as challenging as ever.

So where can we find a program that is as powerful, impactful and challenging as the times…and personally and professionally rewarding and satisfying?

For almost 20 years, Conversant has been running our Credibility, Influence, and Impact (CII) program. It has morphed and changed with the times, and it remains a profound way to grow leadership skills. Here are five reasons you should join our upcoming September program:

  1. Our Credibility, Influence, and Impact program came from a need to provide a deep-dive experience that could help leaders figure out how to keep what’s working in our leadership and add the critical missing elements. CII is such a program: a program that uses the power of development over time, supported by a community of learners and explorers. We have always recognized that our principles, tools, and approaches are relatively simple: easy to learn and discuss. The true value comes in the challenging work of applying them to well-honed, and often limiting, ways of behaving and leading.
  2. We recognize an increasing need for leaders to be able to navigate matrices and environments where being connected and influencing are the only ways to cause momentum, sustainability, and results. Command and control, domination, and manipulation simply won’t work, and employing them actually moves you backwards so that everything takes more time, money, and stress! CII focuses on what it takes to influence without authority, discover new pathways and create inspired, committed new action.
  3. Traditional learning methods would provide some of the impetus, but we have honed this out-of-the-box approach that gets into learning more deeply, quickly, and with more learning “stickiness.” Interestingly enough, that’s why we work with horses: the power of learning with horses is an unescapable feedback and learning environment. Horses want to be led, not dominated or manipulated. “Horses can’t read business cards and they only respect true connection as a way to accomplish great things in partnership,” explains our co-founder Mickey Connolly. Working with horses helps develop leadership skills that can’t be learned in a book or a boardroom.
  4. Connected leadership requires unlearning and undoing our habits and practices that no longer scale and work. Where are we getting in our own way? Where are we employing a strategy that worked at one point in time, but needs to be bankrupted for us to move forward? And, given that this can be scary stuff, how do we create a community of support recognizing that “sometimes the best break you get from your teammates is no break at all?”
  5. We are in this with you in CII. Over the years, we’ve been keen observers of what works to create the community, workshop, and results we all want. This has resulted in constantly improving the program by refining, adding, or deleting, in areas such as presence, rhythms of connection and support, identifying projects of supreme importance, etc. And we continue to learn every day in every program. After all, this program is about how humans create and remain vital…an exploration that never ends.

Gathering together a group of fiercely intelligent business leaders from across the nation creates an atmosphere of growth that is exceptional for the opportunity to learn from each other as much as from Conversant, all the while strengthening your professional and personal connections. Our teams often reunite year after year to mull over the newest problems facing them, and help each other puzzle out new ways to be amazing leaders. If you’re interested in this opportunity, contact Conversant for more information or download our brochure.

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